You cannot pass today: Life through a dividing wall – EXCLUSIVE

SHAFAQNA – This Wednesday the Hinde Street Methodist Church is holding a very special exhibition in denunciation of Israel apartheid system: “Life through a dividing wall”.

Denied their rights, their land and their humanity, Palestinians have suffered heinous humiliations and abuses in the name of Zionism – all under the complicit silence of the international community.

The exhibition includes a replica of an Israeli Checkpoint, hundreds of which are dotted throughout the West Bank and make Palestinians’ lives a misery as they try to go about their daily lives day after day after day.

In a post on Facebook Jafar Ramini, an organiser wrote: “Obviously the Zionists are crying ‘anti-Semitism’ and called for the exhibition to be dismantled. Thankfully the church has bravely gone ahead. How one replica of checkpoints erected by the Israelis themselves throughout the land of Palestine can be anti-Semitic escapes me. But there you go, that’s Israel for you. See you there I hope.”



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