Young Greek Christian converted to Islam

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – A young Christian from Greek converted to Islam, on Tuesday (2 Sep.) in Karaj, Iran. After declaring Shahadatayn [confessing to the uniqness of Allah (SWT) and to the prophethood of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)] Apostolos Kiakamorris converted to Islam and chose the name “Reza” for himself. Talking to Fars News, the newly converted Greek Muslim said: Now that I have become a Muslim and hold the divine Quran in my hand, I feel a special peace. He added: I am proud to choose Shia Islam and hope to have the support of infallibles in order to become a true Shia Muslim. He continued by saying: I love Allah (SWT) and I could not find God in Christianity and this feeling guided me towards Islam.

Source: Fars News

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