Your heart is a special place

SHAFAQNA – A man asked Imam Ali (AS): How did you get to such a position? Imam (AS) replied: I sat in front of the door to (my) heart and did not allow anyone except God to enter. When Lady Maryam (AS) was told: Shake the tree until the fresh dates fall from it for you to eat; she asked: O’ God, before Thou used to provide my sustenance in the praying alter, now I have to shake the tree?

She was told: Before, you did not have the child, all your thought was with Allah (SWT); and God provided for all your wishes in full but now a part of your heart is with this child. Therefore, for that little part of your heart that has been separated from God’s remembrance, you were told to shake the tree for dates to fall for you to eat [1].

[1] Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Darul Ershad Website, 09/06/2015.

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