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Zainab torn King’s Hamad picture in court and directly arrested

SHAFAQNA –  Human rights activist Zainab al-Khawaja torn image of King Hamad Al-Khalifa ruler of Bahrain ,during a session of her trial on charges of insulting (King) on Tuesday, October 14. The Khawaja had asked the judge to allow her to speak, and told him, saying: “I am the daughter of a free man, and brave, and my mom gave birth to me free.”  Khawaja said as she addresses to authorities ,that “my son will be born free, even if born in your prisons.” Khawaja added that your jail , it does not intimidate me, though I will gave birth my baby in the Jail (She is eight months pregnant). Khawaja considered in her speech before the judge Khulaifi that the expression of opinion and reject injustice and the unjust is right to stick to it and will not give up.

The judge did not issue a verdict in the meantime, and only issued an arrest warrant for Zainab out of the courtroom, the lawyer also confirmed Mohammed. mother-Khawaja, Khadija al-Musawi, said that her daughter rips “the image of what she think he is directly responsible for the injustice, and put it in front of the judge, and she then sat on the chair .” Musawi said that she contacted her daughter in the police station from Hura,  telling her to show strength and courage.

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