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Zionists and US have to pay for meddling changes in Syria

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – According to IRNA, any kind of notorious, or peculiar act on pretext of campaign against ISIS leading to fundamental developments in Syria will have serious aftermaths for coalition forces, US, and Zionists, Iranian deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs said.

“We do not mean to say that (President) Bashar al-Assad should be the lifetime president of Syria, but we will not permit the anti-ISIS terrorists’ coalition to topple that country’s government, or to harm the resistance axis,” said Hossein Amir Abdollahian, addressing a meeting titled ‘Iraq and International Anti-Terrorism Coalition’ at Foreign Ministry’s Middle East Strategic Research Institute, Thursday evening.

“We have properly conveyed this message to Washington that if there is going to be a regime change scenario in Syria resorting to the instrument of campaign against terrorism then the Zionist regime, too, will be deprived of security,” emphasized Amir Abdollahian.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister said that if necessary, the Islamic Republic of Iran will resort to any move within the framework of the international laws in support of its allies.

“Any deviation of intentions from campaign against terrorism to other objectives will have unpredictable aftermaths for the US officials, and of course for the Zionist regime,” he added.

On Turkey’s role in recent regional developments, he said, “We have difference of opinion with some of our friends in the region, including Turkey, on such issues as Syria; Turkey says Bashar Assad should go. We tell them that either the staying, or the going of Bashar Assad is none or our, your, or US business, as decision making in that respect should be left up to the Syrian nation.”

He also emphasized that Iran will also encounter resolutely any move made against the Syrian regime by the terrorists.

The Iranian diplomat said that the developments in Iran’s peripheral regions are directly related to the national security of Iran, and therefore both closely and seriously monitored, and if necessary they will receive Iran’s respective response.

He also noted that various countries had played roles in shape-taking of the ISIS, adding that Iran had many times warned the regional countries that assisting them today will lead to their trouble making for you in the future.



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