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Zuhair: the upcoming elections lack legitimacy and political value

SHAFAQNA –  “Elections that do not produce real democracy lack legitimacy and political value”, said Abdulridha Zuhair, who is an ex-municipal representative of Al Wefaq bloc. The Authority is heading to sham elections alone, he added, this will block the way in front of real political solution for the crisis in Bahrain.

“The political majority of the people have taken their decision to boycott these elections and threatening them with repressive laws will not change anything”, he stated, “It is difficult to convince a people suffering from brutal repression to participate in elections while the Authority has not shown desire for serious solution to end the tyranny. How can we go for elections while our loved ones are still behind bars or exiled?”

Zuhair said the Authority must provide a suitable environment for elections. These elections are a whitewash and will not leave any impact on the people, he added.

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