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In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Balanced coverage;

The fastest growing Shia News Association in the United Kingdom, Shafaqna English has worked to represent the interests of Shia Muslims across the world – offering fair and balanced coverage on those issues which affect us most of all.

Promoting tolerance, multiculturalism;

Because Shafaqna absolutely believes in promoting tolerance, multiculturalism, and interfaith cooperation, we have made a point at featuring and reaching out to other religious communities. Our approach is honest, transparent and sincere.

Beyond our regular news coverage, Shafaqna has worked to develop a series of exciting media projects – mini-documentaries, exclusive interviews, in-depth reports, analyses and scholarly essay on Shia Islam.

Commit to the truth;

In all we do we will endeavour to follow in the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), Ali and his family (PBUT). We will commit to the truth, we will remain devoted to spreading the words of the righteous, and defend those who remain committed to defend our values.

True Shia Islam;

In time such as ours when Islam has been misrepresented, vilified, and redacted by an ignorant elite, Shafaqna ambitions to open a true window onto the teaching of Shia Islam, the history of Shia Islam, and the rich culture which has derived from such enlightenment.

We remain committed to our prophet and his progeny.

Share with us;

We welcome contributions, suggestions and collaborations.

Anyone who loves the Prophet (PBUH), Ali and his family (PBUT) and contemplates to follow their path could be a writer, a journalist or a web site helper.

We invite our readers to share with us their news, events and/or concerns should they have any.

We want Shafaqna to become your voice, and your media representative.

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