Karbala: Ziyarat by proxy performed on behalf of more than 95 000 visitors during Ramadan

SHAFAQNA- Alkafeel: The al-Kafeel Global Network – the official website of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine – has completed the work of the Ziyarat, prayer and supplication for the special Ziyarat that occurred in the blessed month of Ramadan, in addition to performing some of its specific actions on behalf of those registered on the […]

Is boasting bad?

SHAFAQNA – Ahmad ibn Mohammad Al-Byzanty narrated: One day Imam Reza/Ridha (AS) sent a horse for me to ride on it, and went to see Imam (AS), and I was with Imam (AS) until midnight. Then I got ready to depart, and Imam (AS) said: I do not think you can return to Medina at […]

What is the ruling on child custody? The Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered a question about child custody. Question: Please explain the issue of child custody. The Grand Ayatollah Sistani: Child custody and education and all related matters like observance of the interests and the health of the child during infancy which is two full years, are the rights of the […]

Police Use Contact Tracing And Big Tech to Identify Protesters

SHAFAQNA- Countless warnings about how law enforcement could use contact-tracing apps to monitor people have gone unheeded.   As BGR.com revealed police are using contact tracing to identify protester’s affiliations. “According to Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harringon, officials there have been using what they describe, without going into much detail, as contact-tracing in order to build out a […]

The Beauty of Islam Changed My Life

SHAFAQNA- Like many who have come before me and many who will come after me, I have felt a dramatic shift in my life when I came to Islam. I Converted to Islam That I Once Used to Hate Many describe this as a lifting of fog. Some have said that it feels like a […]

Our Opportunity to Obey the Prophet (PBUH) & Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA- we see that people get the opportunity to obey the present Imam even if he misses the time of the previous Imam. People got the opportunity to obey and serve the Imams (AS) of their respective times. Similarly we have got the opportunity to obey and serve the 12th Imam (AJ). By this we […]

Today: Live Discussion on Imam Khomeini (RA)

SHAFAQNA- AIM in collaboration with the Islamic Education Center Houston and Light of Guidance Detroit to hold online discussion on ‘Imam Khomeini (RA): The Social Muwahid’ today June 5th, 2020. Guests include Sheikh Usama Abdulghani, Sayyid Farhat Abbas, Sheikh Shamshad Haider and Sister Marzieh Hashemi. The program starts at  23.30 London time ( New York: […]

“I like using artistic fields to introduce Islam/interview with Mukhtar Ali, Director of “Hijab and Sneakers”

SHAFAQNA- “The Ahlal-Bayt (A.S) gave Da’wah from many different angles. In doing so one’s foundation is stronger because you’ll have many reasons on why you do something. I like using artistic fields to accomplish this because the average person is more likely to wear, watch, or listen to something before reading books about it”. Mukhtar Ali is a […]

Who is waiting for the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ)?

SHAFAQNA – Abu Baseer narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: All of you must prepare the ground for the exit of Qaem (Imam Mahdi (AJ)), even by one arrow; because at all the times God knows each individual’s intention, I hope he/she lives long enough to realize (become fully aware of) Qaem (AJ) and […]

When can power bring prosperity?

SHAFAQNA – If power is in the hands of the complete human being, it can create accomplishment (great achievements). If the power is in the hands of the prophets and Divine Saints can lead to peace/safety and great achievements in the world. And if the power is in the hands of the powerful ones who […]

Photos: Two Quran manuscripts at Salyan Library of Azerbaijan

SHAFAQNA- Two copies of the Holy Quran, both manuscript and dating back more than 250 years, are kept in the Central Library of the city of Salyan in the Republic of Azerbaijan for many years. According to the Azartaj news agency, the Central Library of the Republic of Azerbaijan, called “Nezami Ganjavi”, contains books that […]

US: Mosques around WAVE Country begin to reopen

SHAFAQNA- Churches and mosques have opened or are opening across WAVE Country, Louisville, KY. Area Mosques, including the Muslim Community Center off of Westport Road, opened up on Monday with new guidelines including limited prayer services and physical distancing measures. The Guiding Light Islamic Center off of Six Mile Lane did the same. Opening back […]

Video: President Rouhani sympathizes with US protesters

SHAFAQNA- The Iranian President has expressed sympathy with demonstrators who have taken to the streets across the US in protest at the police killing of George Floyd, an African American.

Karbala: Continuous efforts to maintain the Maqam of Imam Al-Mahdi (A.J)

SHAFQNA- Al Kafeel: The staffs of the department of the Maqam of the Master of the Order and the Time (may Allah(SWT)  hasten his holy reappearance) continue their work of caring for the holy Maqam from maintenance in addition to cleaning its external surroundings, as well as its adjacent market of Imam As-Sadiq (peace be […]

Forecourt of Notre-Dame reopens to public after long cleanup

SHAFAQNA- Notre Dame Cathedral’s forecourt opened up to the public Sunday afternoon for the first time since the ravaging fire on the night of 15April last year. The body overseeing the Gothic structure’s restoration issued a statement on Sunday saying that the reopening was finally made possible after several deep cleaning operations took place to […]

Differences between Imam Hassan’s (A.S) peace and Imam Hussain’s (A.S) uprising

SHAFAQNA- Khamenei.ir: Some quotations from Ayatollah Khamenei, about the differences between Imam Hassan’s (A.S) peace and Imam Hussain’s (A.S) uprising: 1. Imam Hussain (AS) opposed an oppressive ruler, whereas Imam Hassan (AS) was dealing with the people. One interpretation, according to Martyr Motahhari, is that when Imam Hussain (AS) was martyred, he was both protesting […]

Rohingya refugee camps: Coronavirus outbreak harms some of the world’s most vulnerable people

SHAFAQNA –  Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are at high risk of the Coronavirus outbreak and, social distancing in camps is almost impossible. While, many refugees are unaware of how this disease spreads, Charity workers have raised concerns about the lack of hygiene and protection in the camps. There are some places where social distancing seems […]

Shia Islam is the solution for African Americans/a note from a US Activist

SHAFAQNA | by Amir Hakeem : The philosophy of Imam Khomeini (R.A) can mobilize African Americans to free themselves from the US racism. African Americans fight against the American empire, will only bear effective results when they stop following the path of their former slave owners children and restore their ancestors legacy in following the […]

Who is God’s favourite servant according to infallible Imams (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Abu Baseer narrated: I heard from Imam Sadeq (AS) who narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: How prosperous is the anonymous servant whom God knows him/her, and people do not; (because) they are lights of guidance and origins of knowledge. For their sake any sedition and darkness is removed. They […]

Is it necessary for all the believers to prepare provisions for the hereafter?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) said: Act (now) before the light of action is extinguished, and the opportunity is lost, and the fate catches up with you, and the door of repentance is shut, and the angels fly to the sky. Therefore, anyone with own efforts in this life; prepare provision from the perishable world […]

UK: Muslim Girl Wins Rotary Young Citizen Peacemaker Award 2020

SHAFAQNA- A Muslim teenager has won the Rotary Young Citizen Peacemaker Award 2020 for her community efforts. Iqra Khan (16), student at Bradford Academy, was chosen as the winner of the prestigious Rotary Young Citizen Peacemaker Award 2020. Growing up in Bradford has been difficult for 16-year-old Iqra Khan who experienced an Islamophobic attack and racial abuse […]

US: New Trump’s appointee with history of Islamophobic remarks

SHAFAQNA- Some Muslim American groups are calling for the dismissal of a newly appointed religious freedom adviser for the U.S. Agency for International Development, citing past online posts that disparage Islam on his social media. Last week, the Trump administration made an ironic choice to fill the post of religious freedom adviser at the U.S. […]

Bomb attack inside Kabul Mosque leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

SHAFAQNA- RT: A bomb exploded inside a  Mosque in Kabul’s Green Zone, killing one person and injuring at least three others. Interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian confirmed that the attacker blew himself up inside a washroom at the Wazir Akbar Khan mosque in the central district, next to the Green Zone – home to international […]

Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Imam Khomeini (RA) revolutionized people’s view of religion/story of this black man is the same thing US govt is doing against all the world”

SHAFAQNA- “Imam Khomeini (RA) revolutionized people’s view of religion. Religion developed from being a personal matter limited to prayers and fasting into being a matter for building a civilization, a society and human beings. Such a change was even produced in the jurisprudence,” Iran’s Supreme Leader expressed today. The ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the […]

Video: “Imam Khomeini (RA) conducted a revolution that covered the benefits of humanity”

SHAFAQNA- Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najjar, a Muslim American in a video message sent to Shafaqna speaks about Imam Khomeini’s (RA) influence on the people of world.

How can Islamic societies achieve strong economy according to Imam Ali (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – One day Imam Ali (AS) saw a group of Muslims occupying a corner of the Mosque and was praying. Imam (AS) went close and asked: Who are you and what are you doing? They replied: We are relying on God and praying to God. Imam (AS) said: No, it is not like that, […]

Why some good-doers are punished by God? Imam Baqir’s (AS) answer

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (AS) who said: Allah (SWT) revealed to Prophet Shuaib (AS) that hundred thousand of your people/tribe will be inflicted with Divine Torment. Forty thousands of evil-doers and villains, and sixty thousands of good-doers will be punished. Shuaib (AS) asked: O’ God, the evil-doers deserve to be […]

Imam Khomeini (RA) had a Prophet-like character

SHAFAQNA- Among his prophetic acts was the letter Imam Khomeini (RA) wrote toward the end of his blessed life to President Mikhail Gorbachev. A survey of the events of Imam Khomeini’s (RA) life will reveal the undeniable fact that the Imam had a prophet-like character surpassing that of any celebrated figure in contemporary history. His character, […]