Photos: Muslims around the world offered Eid al-Fitr prayer

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SHAFAQNA - As Ramadan fast ends, muslims in different countries around the world gathered to offer Eid al-Fitr prayer, on Friday June 15. The office of His Eminence, Mr. Sistani in Najaf, announced that Saturday June 16, is the day of Eid…

Eye-catching Islamic architectural art at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

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SHAFAQNA - Imam Hussain Holy Shrine: Art possesses a wide area in the Islamic decoration, especially in the places of worship such as mosques and shrines. Imam Hussain Holy Shrine is considered a perfect symbol of Islamic art; it is one of…

This extraordinary mosque in Australia brings Islamic and western architecture together

SHFAQNA- Mayada Srouji The unique ceiling of the Punchbowl Mosque in Australia viewed from inside. Image via MVSLIM Muslims around the world have looked for ways to practice their religion in their Western country.…

Historical Photo: French Muslim Soldiers Praying while Captive, 1940

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SHAFAQNA - French Muslims during prayer: Muslim members of a french colonial regiment pray towards Mecca in a German prison camp. Date taken: 25 July 1940 Photographer: Scherl/Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo   Source: SHAFAQNA…

A Painting of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (a.s.) from 100 Years Ago by a German Archaeologist

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SHAFAQNA - This painting is the work of the German architect and archaeologist Walter Andrae on a trip he had to Mesopotamia in the first years of the 20th century.

Photos : Muhammad Ali Performing Prayers behind a Shia Imam

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SHAFAQNA - Mohamed Ali was a legendary boxer during the 20th century in the United States who died a few years ago. He converted to Islam in 1965 and had a great influence on black youths who found Islam a cornerstone in their struggles against…

Photos: A Biblical Exegesis in Arabic from 1337 Commenced by Bismillah

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SHAFAQNA - A biblical exegesis in Arabic written in 1337. It begins with "Bismillah al-Khaliq al-Hayy al-Natiq" (بسم الله الخالق الحي الناطق).   Source: SHAFAQNA French

Photos (+18): Kabul's Bloodbath

SHAFAQNA -  At least 40 people have been killed and 30 wounded in a suicide attack at a Shia cultural and religious organisation in a western area of the Afghan capital, Kabul.  

The Latest Image of Sheikh Isa Qassim in Hospital

SHAFAQNA - Sheikh Isa Qassem, one of the leaders of Bahraini uprising against the Al-Khalifah regime, was moved to home from hospital only two days after surgery and was again placed under house arrest by the Bahraini government. Source:…

Arbaeen Pilgrimage: Religious Trek to Karbala

SHAFAQNA- The annual congregation of Shiite Muslims in commemoration of Arbaeen, the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), is reaching its climax as millions of pedestrians walk to the Iraqi city of Karbala, which hosts…

Old Photos of Hajj Rituals in Mecca

SHAFAQNA- Beautiful, Old Photos of Hajj Rituals in Mecca

China’s oldest mosque in Beijing

HAFAQNA- Mosque “Nyvjyh” in Beijing, one of the capital’s historic old mosques located in the area Muslims. Nyvjyh ancient mosque and the mosque Prshkvhtryn Beijing, one of China’s famous mosque was built in 996 AD.

Egyptian Artist Brilliantly Illustrates the Meaning of 35 Arabic Words with Calligraphy

SHAFAQNA- CAIROSCENE: As part of a new experimental project illustrating the meanings of Arabic words by manipulating the shapes of their letters, Egyptian graphic artist Mahmoud Tammam has published a number of works in which he fashions images…

Top Ten Mosques in Russia


110 Rare Photos of Ayatullah Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei

Shafaqna (International Shia News Ageny) - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the demise of Grand Ayatullah Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei, 110 Rare Photos of a selection of 110 photos of his early life to death are presented as follow…

Ashura Procession in Zaria City (Nigeria Oct 2016)

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Shafaqna - On 11 Al-muharram 1348 (Thursday, October 12, 2016) Muslims under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zazkaky staged a peaceful procession in commemoration of Imam Hussain (AS)'s martyrdom in Karbala. Procession took place…

The annual Ashura day procession in London (Photos) / Oct 2016

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SHAFAQNA- To remember and commemorate his sacrifice and the courage he so absolutely displayed in the land of Karbala (Iraq), Muslims around the world have always held majilis and mourning marches. For over 29 years now, Muslims in the UK…

The annual Ashura day procession in Torornto (Photos)

SHAFAQNA- To remember and commemorate his sacrifice and the courage he so absolutely displayed in the land of Karbala (Iraq), Muslims around the world have always held majilis and mourning marches. The 2nd annual Ashura Day Procession happened…

Kerbala: Heaven On Earth / photos

Source: Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

Old Photos of Al-Askari Holy Shrine

SHAFAQNA- Sunday marked the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), the 11th Shia Imam whose holy shrine in Samarra. Located in the Iraqi city of Samarra, 125 km (78 mi) from Baghdad, it is one of the most important Shia shrines…