Eid Al-Fitr in Trinidad: Shafaqna's exclusive photos

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20,000 Dollars devoted by Mosques in Albany, NY, for COVID-19 relief

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"Islam Is the Right Path and Improves Lives of Young People" / Interview With Director of Islamic Center of Perus

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"Hijab Is Identity And Acts as Flag of Islam"/ Interview With Sofía Castro, Argentinian Muslim Woman

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Officials: Chicago Mosque fire investigated as arson

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Bolivia: holding new elections without Morales is approved by congress

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The first Muslim woman goes to Virginia's State Senate

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Ecuador: Government & protesters decided to hold talks amid curfew

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Ecuador: Protests against fuel prices increases, oil facilities seized

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US officials , Saudi Arabi, Yemen

US officials were aware of Saudi Arabia’s fail in Yemen

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Donald Trump, Hassan Rouhani, Strait of Hormuz, the UN General Assembly

Trump says ready to hearing Rouhani's 'Hormuz Peace Initiative' at UNGA

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Donald Trump, Narendra Modi

Tens of thousands, including Trump, meet India’s PM in Texas; Howdy, Modi!

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Trump deploys reinforcements to Persian Gulf to defend Its own assets, not US allies

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Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, Iran

A number of US politicians warn against Donald Trump's increasing anti-Iran rhetoric after Saudi attacks

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Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Trump allows release of 'strategic reserve' to control rising oil price

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Report: US preparing to send 150 troops to join border patrol in northeast Syria

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Trump: US, Israel talk about mutual defense treaty

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Zarif says to Trump: With Israel spying on you, US needs no enemies

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