Thousands of Iraqis seek posts in new cabinet

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SHAFAQNA- Iraq’s new authorities determined that a novel option to recruit new ministers was to let members of the public apply for ministerial posts through a special government website. Adel Abdul Mahdi, nominee for Iraqi prime minister,…

New Iraqi government to safeguard unity and safety

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SHAFAQNA- Barham Salih Iraq’s new president has chosen veteran Shia politician Adel Abdul Mahdi as prime minister-designate to form a new government nearly five months after national elections were held. Barham Salih, the Kurdish moderate…

New Heads of Iraq state +Photos

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SHAFAQNA- Iraq's Parliment has elected Kurdish politician Barham Salih as the country's new president and Salih has named  Shia politician Adel Abdul Mahdi as Prime Minister. After several postponements Iraqi parliament held session tonight…