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Duties and Responsibilities of Shia Muslims During Imam Mahdi’s (A.J) Occultation

SHAFAQNA- It is now clear how important it is to wait for the reappearance of Imam Az-Zaman (A.J.) and how great is the status and position of those who await. Also, it is a fact that with increasing level, responsibilities and duties also increase. Although believers have responsibilities during the major occultation, here are a few important ones.

Recognition of Imam Mahdi (A.J)

By recognition, historical knowledge and information is not what is implied. Rather, it means to be aware of those levels, perfection and authority that has been granted to Imam Az-Zaman (A.J) by Allah the Almighty. If we believe in these, then we will be sure that he is definitely keeping a watch on all our actions, every single one of them. He rules on each and every particle of this world. The entire universe is subject to his command. Only then will we refrain from sins and seek refuge and help from him for all our difficulties.

Improvement in deeds

We cannot see Imam Az-Zaman (A.J) with our sinful eyes but he, definitely, is observing us. If somebody really believes that he is constantly being watched by Imam Az-Zaman (A.J), he will keep away from quite a few sins. Good deeds are the only way to gain proximity and nearness to Imam Az-Zaman (A.J). And who does not desire to be nearer to his Imam (A.J)? He (A.J) himself has admonished us:

“Then each one of you should act in such a way that your deeds bring you closer to our love, and refrain from all those actions that will bring you nearer to our wrath and anger.”

Reformation of the society

To rectify and improve our society, i.e. our children, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc. is also our responsibility. For, it is essential that the ground be prepared for the reappearance. Imam Hassan Al-Askari (A.S.) says,

“An orphan is he who loses his father. But greater than him is he who has become distanced from his Imam and does not have access to him. He is not aware of his responsibilities and obligations. Among our Shias, one who is knowledgeable of our traditions and knowledge, should teach this Shia who is ignorant and unaware, and guide him. It is as if he has sheltered and nourished an orphan. Yes, the one who guides him and teaches him our religious laws, will be with us in the highest grades of paradise.”

Supplication (Dua)

Supplication is a weapon of the believer through which he repels calamities and encounters difficulties. He attains his desires with its help. The reappearance of Imam Az-Zaman (A.J) and his being safe from all evils and calamities is the heartfelt desire of every believer. One of the rights that he (A.J.) enjoys upon us is that we should pray for him, first and foremost, in our supplications and invocations. Naturally, we always pray for that thing first which enjoys utmost significance in our eyes. Nobody is greater than Imam Az-Zaman (A.J) nor is anything more important than his reappearance. It is necessary that after every Salaat (prayer), our first supplication be in favor of Imam Az-Zaman (A.J). We must begin and end our day with the prayers for the reappearance of our beloved Imam (A.J).

Sadaqah (Alms)

When a person knows and likes somebody from the depth of his heart, he wishes him well and desires his safety from all evils and calamities. He prays for his wellbeing and health. He gives Sadaqah for his safety and protection. Praying or giving Sadaqah does not mean that the concerned person is afflicted with calamities. Rather, it is an expression of our love for him. The more we love him, the more will be our invocations and Sadaqah in his favor. Today, who is more deserving to be loved and be attached with than the holy persona of Imam Az-Zaman (A.J)? Can a believer’s heart love anybody else more than him? To pray for Imam Az-Zaman(A.J) and to give Sadaqah for his safety is an expression of our love for him. In the Ta’qeebaat of the obligatory prayers, it has been emphasized to recite Ayat Al-Kursi for the safety and security of Imam Az-Zaman (A.J).

Seeking of desires

Allah the Almighty has appointed the infallible Imams (A.S) as the media and doors for approaching God. Presently, Imam Az-Zaman (A.J) is that door through whom Allah (SWT) is approached. If we plead to Allah (SWT) through this all important medium, our supplications will be accepted. Besides, it is the sincere desire of every father or every elder that the youngsters of the family approach him for their needs and that he fulfils them. Particularly, when he is in a position of power and authority. The elders feel great joy in fulfilling the needs of the youngsters.

Imam Az-Zaman (A.J) is our father, elder and the master of all bounties. Today, it is an important duty for us that we present our difficulties to him for their solution. Unfortunately, we speak of our problems to everybody but to that Imam who is able to provide its remedies within no time.

If we study the lives of the devout Shias (followers) of the Holy Imams (AS) before the Twelfth Imam (AJ), and consider their sacrifices without the slightest hesitation, we shall at once awake from our neglectful slumber and realize our weakness and guilt.


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