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Muharram in Afghanistan: “Promise to provide security in Kabul and tear mourning flag in Herat”

Shafaqna Afghanistan– Holding the mourning ceremony of Muharram in different parts of Afghanistan continues with “disturbances”, “restrictions” and “promises” of the Taliban and the enthusiastic presence of people.

According to Shafaqna Afghanistan, the mourning ceremony of Muharram in Afghanistan is being held this year under the shadow of widespread security threats by terrorist groups, but the Taliban has promised “special security measures”.

After the request of the Shia Ulema Council of Afghanistan, the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement yesterday that “special security measures” have been adopted to provide security of the Muharram and Ashura ceremonies in Kabul and other provinces.

This ministry stated that the “public security police” of this group is responsible for providing security during the mourning ceremony of Muharram and urged people to cooperate with them.

Simultaneous with publication of this declaration, a number of Taliban police forces have deployed in some parts of the Shia areas of western Kabul.

Local residents told Shafaqna that the presence of Taliban police forces to provide security is not considerable yet, but the number of these forces is likely to increase in the coming days.

Also, local sources in several Shia provinces of Afghanistan told Shafaqna that the Taliban police has been present in a number of neighborhoods to provide security.

“Tearing the mourning flag in Herat”

Simultaneous with the promise to provide security for the mourning ceremony of Muharram by Taliban police forces, reports from various provinces of this country indicate that this group has imposed restrictions on Shia mourners.

Local sources in “Gabriel” town and Herat’s “Haji Abbas” neighborhood which is one of the main Shia areas of this province told that the Taliban had torn the mourning flag for Muharram from houses and shops at night in these two areas.

Source: fa.shafaqna

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