Photos: Shrine of The son of Hussain and grandson of Abbas (A.S)

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SHAFAQNA- Imam Hussain: In Mahaweel District , Northern part of the city of Babylon, it is located the shrine of sayyid Ali, the son of Hussain, the son of Qasim, the son of Hasan, the son of Abdullah, the son of Abbas, the son of Ali, the…

Pakistani Shiites in Fatimiyah mourning days

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SHAFAQNA- The mourning ceremony of the Fatimiyah period has started in the Hussainiya, mosques and the seminaries of the city of Quetta, Pakistan. This ceremony which coincides with the mourning days of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A)'s martyrdom,…

The 2019 Global Hussainian Documentary Competition to begin

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SHAFAQNA- Imam Hussain: The Preparatory Committee of the 2019 15th Annual Global Peak of Martyrdom Conference has announced launching the Annual Global Hussainian Documentary Competition – one of the activities of the conference held…

Video: What practical lesson can we learn from Prophet Yaqub (A.S)?

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SHAFAQNA- What practical lesson can we learn from Prophet Yaqub (A.S)?, according to Shaykh Azhar Nasser.   Read more from Shafaqna: Video: A portion of your money belongs to poor people Video: What you should say to a…

The many challenges of assisting those affected by war

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SHAFAQNA- Tehran Times: Katrina Ritz, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Iraq, describes the situation on the ground in Iraq “stable” but in need of much assistance. I think what we often think is when the…

Photos: New upgrades to the shrine of the camp site of Imam Hussain in Karbala

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SHAFAQNA- New upgrades to the shrine of the camp site of Imam Hussain in Karbala.   Read more from Shafaqna: Manuscripts about Imam Ali (A.S) in Tehran Exhibition Thousands of antique and invaluable manuscripts on Quran…

Video: Israel continues to build wall as Beirut files complaint to UNSC

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SHAFAQNA- Israel continues to build wall as Beirut files complaint to UNSC.   Read more from Shafaqna: Over 50 palestinian kids were killed by Israel in 2018, report revealed Israel's biggest strikes on Gaza since 2014…

Reasons behind the eventual withdrawal of Kuwait from PGCC

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SHAFAQNA- Tehran Times: After several years since the beginning of Syria crisis, the Persian Gulf Arab states are changing their policies towards this county, and following the move of UAE and Bahrain, Kuwait will soon expand its relations…

Israel opens apartheid road +Video

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SHAFAQNA- Iqna: After constructing the controversial "apartheid wall" to separate Jerusalem al-Quds from the rest of the West Bank, Israel opened the “apartheid road” in the area, separating Palestinian and Israeli drivers with a wall. The…

Photos: The Qur’anic manuscripts kept in the Vatican Library are now digitalized

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SHAFAQNA- The Quranic manuscripts kept in the Vatican Library are now digitalized. In addition to 1605 and 1606 (de Marinis coll.), 2 other fragments have now been identified: 1784 (from the ‘Amr mosque) and 1785.   Read more…

Beirut to host conference on Bahrain uprising

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SHAFAQNA- Iqna: An international conference is planned to be held in the Lebanese capital on Wednesday on the popular uprising in Bahrain. The Ramada Plaza Hotel in Beirut will host the conference, named “8 Years of Repression in Bahrain…

Egypt's Sisi confirms military cooperation with Israel against Sinai fighters

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SHAFAQNA- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in an interview confirmed for the first time that Cairo's military are cooperating with Israel against armed groups in the northern Sinai. Excerpts from the interview released by CBS over…

Video: A portion of your money belongs to poor people

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SHAFAQNA- A portion of your money doesn't belong to you, it belongs to poor people, according to Shaykh Azhar Nasser.   Read more from Shafaqna: Video: What you should say to a Muslim suffering from Depression Video: Islam…

The baptism ceremony of Jesus Christ (AS), Iran

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SHAFAQNA- IRNA: According to the tradition of every year, at the beginning of the new year, the baptism of Jesus Christ (AS) was held at the Church of Maryam e Moghaddas in Shiraz, with the presence of the Priest Golestanian, a member…

Video: Islamic Movement in Nigeria rally to condemn Zaria massacre

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SHAFAQNA- Pars Today: Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have staged yet another peaceful protest to demand the immediate release of their Leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.   Read more from Shafaqna: Zaria massacre: How…

Rashida Tlaib removes Israel from her congressional Office World Map

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SHAFAQNA- Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian Muslim woman in U.S congress, replaced Israel with Palestine on the map of her congressional office in Washington, DC. One of the founding myths of Israel is the non-existence of the Palestinian…

Eurasian strategic triangle and global peace

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SHAFAQNA- Tehran Times: Graham Allison’s 2017 book ‘Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap’ has become the topic of hot debate among Western think tanks as historical evidence indicates that Thucydides trap…

Expert rules out US claims over Iran destructive role in Syria

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SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Efforts made by Moscow and Tehran to fight terrorism are complementary, and Washington’s claims that Iran plays a destructive role in Syria are not correct, said a senior member of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Saturday. Political…

2 killed, 25 injured due to Explosion in western Iraq

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SHAFAQNA- Two people were killed and 25 injured on Friday morning in an explosion in the Iraqi town of al-Qaim near the border with Syria to which displaced families are being encouraged to return. "The final casualties from the car bomb…

Ayatollah al-Nimr's resistance and martyrdom

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SHAFAQNA- Tehran Times: Three years have passed after the martyrdom of Ayatollah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr; who was brutally executed by the autocratic Saudi regime. Under this dictatorship, one is doomed to death once he calls for injustice and freedom.…

ISESCO declares 2019 year of Islamic cultural heritage

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SHAFAQNA- IRNA: The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) declared 2019 as the year of Islamic cultural heritage in a bid to achieve the goals of resolution of the Tenth Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers. In…

Photos: Opening of the largest Middle Eastern Church in Egypt

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SHAFAQNA- Egypt's president opened the largest Middle Eastern church on Sunday. According to Al-Youm al-Saba, Spokesman for the Egyptian Orthodox Copts Church announced that the opening ceremony of the largest church in the Middle East was…

Zaria massacre: How 4 undergraduate from the same Family were killed

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SHAFAQNA- Tehran Times: Two years on, the horrible experience of December 12-13, 2015 has persisted, like an indelible paint in the eye of my heart. How could I ever forget? It will ever remain a dark day for the remaining days of my life.…

Iraq-Turkey ties going in positive direction

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SHAFAQNA- Iraqi President Barham Salih's visit to Ankara is expected to bolster bilateral relations and displayed their strong determination to deepen relations. On Friday, a statement by the Iraqi  presidency office said  Barham Salih…

Loving Authority

SHAFAQNA-What is human’s authority?Why Allah gives authority to human?How?

Video: The Greatness of Muhammad

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SHAFAQNA- The Greatness of Muhammad - Sayed Jaafar Al-Hakeem:   Read more from Shafaqna: Video : Celebration at The Muslim Convention: The Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) 'The Muslim Convention' to be held in Manchester, UK

Video: Pope Francis stops the popemobile to attend to a policewoman in Chile

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SHAFAQNA- Break in protocol -- Pope Francis stops the popemobile to attend to a policewoman who was thrown off her horse as he passed behind her in Iquique, Chile.

Palm fertilizer introduced by Al-Joud Company

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SHAFAQNA- Alkafeel: Al-Joud Company for the technology of industry and modern agriculture introduces palm fertilizer. Al-Joud Company for the Technology of Industry and Modern Agriculture of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has put within…